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ScriptCreatedComponentWrapper Class Referenceabstract

Inherited by ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::AudioWaveformWrapper, ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::ButtonWrapper, ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::ComboBoxWrapper, ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::FloatingTileWrapper, ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::ImageWrapper, ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::LabelWrapper, ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::ModulatorMeterWrapper, ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::PanelWrapper, ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::PlotterWrapper, ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::SliderPackWrapper, ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::SliderWrapper, ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::TableWrapper, and ScriptCreatedComponentWrappers::ViewportWrapper.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ScriptCreatedComponentWrapper ()
virtual void updateComponent ()=0
void changed (var newValue)

Protected Member Functions

 ScriptCreatedComponentWrapper (ScriptContentComponent *content, int index_)

Protected Attributes

ScopedPointer< Component > component

Detailed Description

A baseclass for the wrappers of script created components.

They usually contain the component and are subclassed from their listener. In their listener callback you simply call changed() with whatever new value comes in.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~ScriptCreatedComponentWrapper ( )

Don't forget to deregister the listener here.

ScriptCreatedComponentWrapper ( ScriptContentComponent content,
int  index_ 

You need to do this tasks in your constructor:

  1. Create the component and setup the component with every property you need.
  2. Add the wrapper itself as listener to the component (if you want the control callback).

Member Function Documentation

void changed ( var  newValue)

Call this in your listener callback with the new value.

virtual void updateComponent ( )
pure virtual

Overwrite this method and update the component.

Member Data Documentation

ScopedPointer<Component> component

the component that will be owned by this wrapper.

ScriptContentComponent* contentComponent

the parent component.

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