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hise::raw Namespace Reference

a higher-level API for HISE. More...


 This namespace duplicates some HISE enumerations.


class  Builder
 The builder is a low overhead helper class that provides functions to add modules. More...
class  Parameter
 A wrapper around a plugin parameter (not yet functional). More...
class  Pool
 A object that handles the embedded resources (audio files, images and samplemaps). More...
class  Reference
 A lightweight wrapper around a Processor in the HISE signal path. More...
class  TaskAfterSuspension
 A wrapper around a task that is supposed to take a while and is not allowed to be executed simultaneously to the audio rendering. More...
class  UIConnection
 This class offers a bidirectional connection between a parameter and its UI representation. More...


using AttributeCollection = std::vector< AttributeItem >
 a collection of attribute key/value pairs. More...

Detailed Description

a higher-level API for HISE.

This namespace acts as entry point to the HISE code base and provides helper classes and convenient functions to tuck away the complexity of the full code base. The goal of this namespace is to provide access to the HISE code base for the majority of use cases that are required by people using HISE for their projects. The full API class list of all HISE classes can be overwhelming, so this is supposed to be a starting point for people diving into the C++ side of HISE.

Also, all classes in this API are guaranteed to meet stricter API standards regarding documentation and backwards compatibility. Important: until further notice, this is a very WIP namespace so you can expect it to change radically until the dust has settled.

In this namespace you get:

Typedef Documentation

using AttributeCollection = std::vector<AttributeItem>

a collection of attribute key/value pairs.

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