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ScriptContentComponent Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ScriptContentComponent:
SafeChangeListener GlobalScriptCompileListener

Public Member Functions

 ScriptContentComponent (ProcessorWithScriptingContent *p)
int getContentHeight () const
String getScriptName () const
bool contentValid () const
const JavascriptProcessorgetScriptProcessor () const
void setNewContent (ScriptingApi::Content *c)
Colour getContentColour ()

Detailed Description

A component that can be populated with GUI elements by a script.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Creates a new Content which acts as container for all scripted elements.

Member Function Documentation

bool contentValid ( ) const

Checks if the content is valid (recompiling the script invalidates it.

Colour getContentColour ( )

returns the colour which can be set with ScriptingApi::Content::setColour().

int getContentHeight ( ) const

Returns the height of the component.

It does not simply call Component::getHeight(), but checks the underlying ScriptingApi::Content object for its height property.

String getScriptName ( ) const

returns the script name that was set with Content.setName().

const JavascriptProcessor* getScriptProcessor ( ) const

Returns the ScriptBaseProcessor associated with this Component. If it is not a ScriptProcessor or was deleted, it returns nullptr.

void setNewContent ( ScriptingApi::Content c)

Recreates all components based on the supplied Content object and restores its values.

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