Here is a list of all modules:
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 Utility ClassesA collection of small helper classes
 DSP classesAll classes used for signal processing / sound generation
 Modulator classesClasses related to the modulation architecture of HISE
 HISE ModulesAll available HISE modules
 HISE ModulatorsA list of all available HISE modulators
 HISE MidiProcessorsA list of all available HISE MIDI processors
 HISE EffectsA list of all available HISE Effects
 HISE Sound GeneratorsA list of all available HISE sound generators
 DSP Base ClassesAll classes you need to subclass to write your own modules
 Processor Interface ClassesInterface classes that enhance the functionality of a processor
 SamplerAll classes related to the sample streaming engine of HISE
 Core ClassesThe most important classes in HISE
 UIAll class related to the interface design using C++
 Event Handling
Classes and helpers for communication between audio rendering
and the user interface.
 HISE Components
All HISE UI Components that can be used in compiled plugins.

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