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Here is a list of all modules:
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oUtility ClassesA collection of small helper classes
oDSP classesAll classes used for signal processing / sound generation
|oModulator classesClasses related to the modulation architecture of HISE
|oHISE ModulesAll available HISE modules
||oHISE ModulatorsA list of all available HISE modulators
||oHISE MidiProcessorsA list of all available HISE MIDI processors
||oHISE EffectsA list of all available HISE Effects
||\HISE Sound GeneratorsA list of all available HISE sound generators
|oDSP Base ClassesAll classes you need to subclass to write your own modules
||\Processor Interface ClassesInterface classes that enhance the functionality of a processor
|\SamplerAll classes related to the sample streaming engine of HISE
oCore ClassesThe most important classes in HISE
\UIAll class related to the interface design using C++

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