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ModulatorSynthGroup::ModulatorSynthGroupHandler Class Reference

Handles the ModulatorSynthGroup. More...

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Public Member Functions

void add (Processor *newProcessor, Processor *siblingToInsertBefore) override
 Adds a new ModulatorSynth to the ModulatorSynthGroup. More...
virtual int getNumProcessors () const override
 Returns the amount of processors. More...
virtual ProcessorgetProcessor (int processorIndex)
 Returns the processor at the index. More...
virtual void remove (Processor *processorToBeRemoved, bool removeSynth=true) override
 Deletes a processor from the chain. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Chain::Handler
virtual void moveProcessor (Processor *, int)
 Overwrite this method and implement a move operation. More...

Detailed Description

Handles the ModulatorSynthGroup.

It is almost the same as Modulator, but it calls setGroup() on the ModulatorSynths that are added.

Member Function Documentation

void add ( Processor newProcessor,
Processor siblingToInsertBefore 

Adds a new ModulatorSynth to the ModulatorSynthGroup.

It also stores a reference in each ModulatorSynthGroupVoice.

By default, it sets the synths allow state to 'true'.

Implements Chain::Handler.

int getNumProcessors ( ) const

Returns the amount of processors.

Implements Chain::Handler.

Processor * getProcessor ( int  processorIndex)

Returns the processor at the index.

Implements Chain::Handler.

void remove ( Processor processorToBeRemoved,
bool  removeSynth = true 

Deletes a processor from the chain.

It also removes the reference in the ModulatorSynthGroupVoices.

Implements Chain::Handler.

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