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FloatingTileContainer Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for FloatingTileContainer:
FloatingTileContent ObjectWithDefaultProperties FloatingTabComponent

Public Member Functions

 FloatingTileContainer (FloatingTile *parent)
const FloatingTile * getComponent (int index) const
FloatingTile * getComponent (int index)
int getNumComponents () const
void clear ()
int getIndexOfComponent (const FloatingTile *componentToLookFor) const
void addFloatingTile (FloatingTile *newComponent)
void removeFloatingTile (FloatingTile *componentToRemove)
virtual Rectangle< int > getContainerBounds () const =0
virtual void refreshLayout ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FloatingTileContent
FloatingTile * getParentShell ()
void setCustomTitle (String newCustomTitle)
String getCustomTitle () const
void setDynamicTitle (const String &newDynamicTitle)
String getBestTitle () const
virtual void siblingAmountChanged ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjectWithDefaultProperties
void resetObject (DynamicObject *objectToClear)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from FloatingTileContent
 FloatingTileContent (FloatingTile *parent_)
virtual int getFixedWidth () const
virtual int getFixedHeight () const

Detailed Description

A floating tile container is the base class for components that can host other floating tiles in various arrangements.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FloatingTileContainer ( FloatingTile *  parent)

Creates a new floating tile container.

You have to supply the parent tile.

Member Function Documentation

void addFloatingTile ( FloatingTile *  newComponent)

Adds a floating tile to the container.

This takes ownership of this floating tile and calls componentAdded() to give subclasses the possibility of implement their arrangement.

It also causes the root tile to refresh its layout so that the container can be resized accordingly.

void clear ( )

Deletes all floating tiles in this container.

const FloatingTile * getComponent ( int  index) const

Returns the FloatingTile at the given index.

FloatingTile * getComponent ( int  index)

Returns the FloatingTile at the given index.

virtual Rectangle<int> getContainerBounds ( ) const
pure virtual

This returns the area that can be populated with content.

Usually this will be the full size minus the title bar if visible.

int getIndexOfComponent ( const FloatingTile *  componentToLookFor) const

Returns the index of the given component or -1 if its not found.

int getNumComponents ( ) const

Returns the number of floating tiles in this container.

void refreshLayout ( )

This will be called whenever the layout needs to be updated eg. when a new floating tile is added or the resizers were dragged.

void removeFloatingTile ( FloatingTile *  componentToRemove)

Removes and deletes the given FloatingTile.

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