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FloatingTileContent Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for FloatingTileContent:
ObjectWithDefaultProperties ActivityLedPanel CustomSettingsWindowPanel FloatingTileContainer MidiChannelPanel MidiKeyboardPanel MidiSourcePanel Note PerformanceLabelPanel PresetBrowserPanel TooltipPanel

Public Member Functions

FloatingTile * getParentShell ()
void setCustomTitle (String newCustomTitle)
String getCustomTitle () const
void setDynamicTitle (const String &newDynamicTitle)
String getBestTitle () const
virtual bool showTitleInPresentationMode () const
virtual void siblingAmountChanged ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjectWithDefaultProperties
void resetObject (DynamicObject *objectToClear)

Protected Member Functions

 FloatingTileContent (FloatingTile *parent_)
virtual int getFixedWidth () const
virtual int getFixedHeight () const

Detailed Description

The base class for all components that can be put into a floating panel.

In order to use it:

You can use the ValueTree methods to save / restore the state.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum PanelPropertyId

the ID of the panel that determines the actual type.


can be used to show a better title in the popup


an object that contains 5 basic colour IDs that can be used to customize the panel: bgColour, textColour, itemColour1, itemColour2 and itemColour3


this object contains information about the layout within its parent container. You usually don't need to change this via scripting.


if the panel is rendering text, this can be used to change the font. For changing the font-style, append Bold or Italic at the font name.


if the panel is rendering text, this can be used to change the font size.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FloatingTileContent ( FloatingTile *  parent_)

Creates a new floating panel.

You must supply a FloatingShellComponent at initialisation to prevent the requirement for lazy initialisation.

Member Function Documentation

String getBestTitle ( ) const

This returns the title that is supposed to be displayed.

String getCustomTitle ( ) const

If you set a custom title, this will return it.

virtual int getFixedHeight ( ) const

Overwrite this method if the component has a fixed height.

virtual int getFixedWidth ( ) const

Overwrite this method if the component has a fixed width.

FloatingTile* getParentShell ( )

Returns the parent shell.

Unlike getParentComponent(), this always returns non nullptr, so you can use it in the constructor.

void setCustomTitle ( String  newCustomTitle)

Set a custom title to the panel that will be displayed in tabs, etc.

void setDynamicTitle ( const String &  newDynamicTitle)

Sets a title that is supposed to change during runtime. It will not be stored in the JSON data.

virtual bool showTitleInPresentationMode ( ) const

Overwrite this method if your component should hide the "title" when not in layout mode.

This will make the parent shell use the full area for this component so make sure it doesn't interfer with the shell buttons.

virtual void siblingAmountChanged ( )

Override this method when you want to be notified when the amount of siblings change.

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