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CustomSettingsWindowPanel Class Reference

Type-ID: CustomSettings More...

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FloatingTileContent ObjectWithDefaultProperties

Public Types

enum  SpecialPanelIds {
  Driver = 7, Device, Output, BufferSize,
  SampleRate, GlobalBPM, ScaleFactor, GraphicRendering,
  StreamingMode, SustainCC, VoiceAmount, ClearMidiCC,
  SampleLocation, DebugMode, ScaleFactorList
- Public Types inherited from FloatingTileContent
enum  PanelPropertyId {
  Type = 0, Title , ColourData, LayoutData,
  Font, FontSize

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from FloatingTileContent
String getBestTitle () const
 This returns the title that is supposed to be displayed. More...
String getCustomTitle () const
 If you set a custom title, this will return it. More...
FloatingTile * getParentShell ()
 Returns the parent shell. More...
void setCustomTitle (String newCustomTitle)
 Set a custom title to the panel that will be displayed in tabs, etc. More...
void setDynamicTitle (const String &newDynamicTitle)
 Sets a title that is supposed to change during runtime. More...
virtual void siblingAmountChanged ()
 Override this method when you want to be notified when the amount of siblings change. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjectWithDefaultProperties
void resetObject (DynamicObject *objectToClear)
 Clears the given object and sets all defaultable properties to their initial values. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FloatingTileContent
 FloatingTileContent (FloatingTile *parent_)
 Creates a new floating panel. More...
virtual int getFixedHeight () const
 Overwrite this method if the component has a fixed height. More...
virtual int getFixedWidth () const
 Overwrite this method if the component has a fixed width. More...

Detailed Description

Type-ID: CustomSettings

A settings dialogue with a customable fields.

CustomSettings Screenshot

Used base properties

ID Description
ColourData::textColour the text colour of the description labels
Font the font
FontSize the font size

Example JSON

const var data = {
"Type": "CustomSettings",
"StyleData": {
"Font": "Tahoma",
"FontSize": 19,
"ColourData": {
"textColour": "0xFFFF8888"
"Driver": true,
"Device": true,
"Output": true,
"BufferSize": true,
"SampleRate": true,
"GlobalBPM": true,
"StreamingMode": false,
"GraphicRendering": false,
"ScaleFactor": true,
"SustainCC": false,
"ClearMidiCC": true,
"SampleLocation": true,
"DebugMode": true,
"ScaleFactorList": [0.5, 1, 2]

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum SpecialPanelIds

The audio driver type (ASIO, WDM, CoreAudio)


the audio device type (which sound card / driver)


the audio output channel for multichannel audio devices


the buffer size (ideally only power of twos)


the supported sample rates


the global BPM in standalone apps (replaces the sync to host tempo)


a global UI scale factor that is applied to the interface


switch between software / Open GL rendering


allows to double the preload size for old hard disks


the CC number for the sustain pedal (useful if you want to remap this function)


the voice limit per sound generator.


a button that clears all MIDI CC mappings


shows the location of the sample folder and a button to relocate


enables Debug mode which creates a useful log file for bug chasing


an array containing all available zoom factors (eg. [0.5, 1.5, 1.25] for 50%, 100%, 125%)

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