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Effect Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Effect:
ChambFilter Delay MoogFilter Noise RingMod VarDelay

Public Member Functions

virtual void prepareToPlay (double, int)
virtual void processBlock (const float *, float *, int)
virtual void processInplace (float *data, int numSamples)

Protected Member Functions

void enableInplaceProcessing (bool shouldBeEnabled, int numMaxSamplesToExpect)

Detailed Description

The base class of ICSTDSP effects.

Member Function Documentation

void enableInplaceProcessing ( bool  shouldBeEnabled,
int  numMaxSamplesToExpect 

Call this in your subclasses prepareToPlay method and tell it to automatically use inplace processing.

virtual void prepareToPlay ( double  ,

Call this before calls to processBlock / processInplace to setup the effect.

Reimplemented in RingMod.

virtual void processBlock ( const float *  ,
float *  ,

Processes the samples from input to output. Both arrays must be at have numSamples elements.

Reimplemented in Noise.

void processInplace ( float *  data,
int  numSamples 

Processes the float data in place.

The default behaviour copies the input data into an internal buffer and calls processBlock.

Reimplemented in Noise.

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