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VuMeter Class Reference

Inherits Component, and SettableTooltipClient.

Public Types

enum  Type
enum  ColourId

Public Member Functions

 VuMeter (float leftPeak=0.0f, float rightPeak=0.0f, Type t=MonoHorizontal)
void setColour (ColourId id, Colour newColour)
void setType (Type newType)
void setPeak (float left, float right=0.0f)

Detailed Description

A Slider-style component that displays peak values.

The best practice for using one of those is a Timer that regularly calls setPeak() in its timerCallback().

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VuMeter ( float  leftPeak = 0.0f,
float  rightPeak = 0.0f,
Type  t = MonoHorizontal 

Creates a new VuMeter.

Member Function Documentation

void setColour ( ColourId  id,
Colour  newColour 

Change the colour of the VuMeter.

void setPeak ( float  left,
float  right = 0.0f 

sets a new peak level.

For stereo meters there is a peak logic with decibel conversion and decreasing level, and for monophonic VuMeters it simply displays the 'left' value.

void setType ( Type  newType)

Change the Type of the VuMeter.

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