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VoiceModulation Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for VoiceModulation:
Modulation EnvelopeModulator VoiceStartModulator AhdsrEnvelope ModulatorChain SimpleEnvelope TableEnvelope ArrayModulator ConstantModulator KeyModulator RandomModulator VelocityModulator


class  PolyphonyManager

Public Member Functions

virtual void startVoice (int voiceIndex)=0
virtual void stopVoice (int voiceIndex)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from Modulation
Mode getMode () const noexcept
float calcIntensityValue (float calculatedModulationValue) const noexcept
void applyModulationValue (float calculatedModulationValue, float &destinationValue) const noexcept
void setIntensity (float newIntensity) noexcept
void setIntensityFromSlider (float sliderValue) noexcept
virtual float getIntensity () const noexcept
float getDisplayIntensity () const noexcept

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Modulation
enum  Mode { GainMode = 0, PitchMode }

Detailed Description

If a Modulator is subclassed with VoiceModulation, it can handle multiple states for different voices.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void startVoice ( int  voiceIndex)
pure virtual

Implement the startVoice logic here.

Implemented in VoiceStartModulator, and ModulatorChain.

virtual void stopVoice ( int  voiceIndex)
pure virtual

Implement the stopVoice logic here.

Implemented in ModulatorChain.

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