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VoiceModulation Class Referenceabstract

If a Modulator is subclassed with VoiceModulation, it can handle multiple states for different voices. More...

Inheritance diagram for VoiceModulation:
Modulation EnvelopeModulator VoiceStartModulator AhdsrEnvelope ModulatorChain MonophonicEnvelope MPEModulator SimpleEnvelope TableEnvelope ArrayModulator ConstantModulator GlobalStaticTimeVariantModulator GlobalVoiceStartModulator KeyModulator RandomModulator VelocityModulator


class  PolyphonyManager
 If you subclass a Modulator from this class, it can handle multiple voices. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual float startVoice (int voiceIndex)=0
 Implement the startVoice logic here. More...
virtual void stopVoice (int voiceIndex)=0
 Implement the stopVoice logic here. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Modulation
void applyModulationValue (float calculatedModulationValue, float &destinationValue) const noexcept
 This applies the previously calculated value to the supplied destination value depending on the modulation mode (adding or multiplying). More...
float calcIntensityValue (float calculatedModulationValue) const noexcept
 This applies the intensity to the given value and returns the applied value. More...
float getDisplayIntensity () const noexcept
 Returns the actual intensity of the Modulation. More...
float getIntensity () const noexcept
 Returns the intensity. More...
Mode getMode () const noexcept
 returns the mode the Modulator is operating. More...
void setIntensity (float newIntensity) noexcept
 Sets the intensity of the modulation. More...
void setIntensityFromSlider (float sliderValue) noexcept
 Use this method to set the intensity from the ModulatorEditorHeader's intensity slider converting linear -12 ... More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Modulation
enum  Mode { GainMode = 0, PitchMode, PanMode }
 There are two modes that Modulation can work: GainMode and PitchMode. More...

Detailed Description

If a Modulator is subclassed with VoiceModulation, it can handle multiple states for different voices.

Member Function Documentation

virtual float startVoice ( int  voiceIndex)
pure virtual

Implement the startVoice logic here.

Implemented in VoiceStartModulator, and ModulatorChain.

virtual void stopVoice ( int  voiceIndex)
pure virtual

Implement the stopVoice logic here.

Implemented in ModulatorChain.

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