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ThreadWithQuasiModalProgressWindow::Holder Class Reference
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MainController FrontendProcessor

Detailed Description

This class manages the lifetime of the ThreadWithQuasiModalProgressWindow.

In order to use it, subclass your main instance (eg. the AudioProcessor of a plugin) from this class. Then you'll need to call setMainComponent() as soon as you have a main window (eg. the AudioProcessorEditor constructor). The functionality of the ThreadWithQuasiModalProgressWindow does not depend on the main component (so you can launch the thread before having a plugin editor). But if a main window is set, it will popup as asynchronous, quasi modal child component (instead of the modal desktop window of the original class). Whenever you want to create a ProgressWindow, just pass the pointer to this instance and everything else should be taken care of by this class.

This class will own the ProgressWindow and delete it if no longer needed (or if itself is deleted).

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