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SliderPack Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SliderPack:

Public Member Functions

 SliderPack (SliderPackData *data=nullptr)
void setNumSliders (int numSliders)
double getValue (int sliderIndex)
void setValue (int sliderIndex, double newValue)

Detailed Description

A widget which contains multiple Sliders which support dragging & bipolar display.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SliderPack ( SliderPackData data = nullptr)

Creates a new SliderPack.

Member Function Documentation

double getValue ( int  sliderIndex)

Returns the value of the slider index. If the index is bigger than the slider amount, it will return -1.

void setNumSliders ( int  numSliders)

Sets the number of sliders shown. This clears all values.

void setValue ( int  sliderIndex,
double  newValue 

Sets the value of one of the sliders. If the index is bigger than the slider amount, it will do nothing.

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