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SamplerSoundWaveform Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SamplerSoundWaveform:

Public Member Functions

 SamplerSoundWaveform (const ModulatorSampler *ownerSampler)
void timerCallback () override
void drawSampleStartBar (Graphics &g)
void toggleRangeEnabled (AreaTypes type)
void updateRanges (SampleArea *areaToSkip=nullptr) override
void setSoundToDisplay (const ModulatorSamplerSound *s)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AudioDisplayComponent
void drawPlaybackBar (Graphics &g)
void setPlaybackPosition (double normalizedPlaybackPosition)
virtual ~AudioDisplayComponent ()
void addAreaListener (Listener *l)
void setCurrentArea (SampleArea *area)
void drawWaveForm (Graphics &g)

Detailed Description

A component that displays the waveform of a sample.

It uses a thumbnail data to display the waveform of the selected ModulatorSamplerSound and has some SampleArea objects that allow changing of its sample ranges (playback range, loop range etc.)

See also

It uses a timer to display the current playbar.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SamplerSoundWaveform ( const ModulatorSampler ownerSampler)

Creates a new SamplerSoundWaveform.

ownerSamplerthe ModulatorSampler that the SamplerSoundWaveform should use.

Member Function Documentation

void drawSampleStartBar ( Graphics &  g)

draws a vertical ruler at the position where the sample was recently started.

void setSoundToDisplay ( const ModulatorSamplerSound s)

Sets the currently displayed sound.

It listens for the global sound selection and displays the last selected sound if the selection changes.

void timerCallback ( )

used to display the playing positions / sample start position.

void toggleRangeEnabled ( AreaTypes  type)

enables the range (makes it possible to drag the edges).

void updateRanges ( SampleArea areaToSkip = nullptr)

Call this whenever the sample ranges change.

If you only want to refresh the sample area (while dragging), use refreshSampleAreaBounds() instead.

Implements AudioDisplayComponent.

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