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RoutableProcessor Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for RoutableProcessor:
MasterEffectProcessor ModulatorSynth AudioProcessorWrapper ConvolutionEffect CurveEq EmptyFX GainEffect MdaEffectWrapper RouteEffect SaturatorEffect SimpleReverbEffect ModulatorSampler ModulatorSynthChain ModulatorSynthGroup

Public Member Functions

void editRouting (Component *childComponent)
int getLeftSourceChannel () const
int getRightSourceChannel () const
int getLeftDestinationChannel () const
int getRightDestinationChannel () const

Detailed Description

A Processor with flexible audio routing

A processor that uses multiple audio channels can be subclassed from this class to allow handling of the routing matrix.

Member Function Documentation

void editRouting ( Component *  childComponent)

Opens a routing editor in the quasi modal popup. Pass in any component that is a child component of the backend window.

int getLeftDestinationChannel ( ) const

Quick way to get the left target channel.

int getLeftSourceChannel ( ) const

Quick way to get the left channel for processing.

int getRightDestinationChannel ( ) const

Quick way to get the right target channel.

int getRightSourceChannel ( ) const

Quick way to get the right channel for processing.

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