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RoundRobinMap Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
void addSample (const ModulatorSamplerSound *sample)
int getRRGroupsForMessage (int noteNumber, int velocity)

Detailed Description

A data container which stores information about the amount of round robin groups for each notenumber / velocity combination.

The information is precalculated so that the query is a very fast look up operation (O(1)). In order to use it, create one, and call addSample() for every ModulatorSamplerSound you need. You can query the rr group later with getRRGroupsForMessage().

Member Function Documentation

void addSample ( const ModulatorSamplerSound sample)

adds the information of the sample to the map. It checks for every notenumber / velocity combination if it is the biggest group.

void clear ( )

Clears the map

int getRRGroupsForMessage ( int  noteNumber,
int  velocity 

returns the biggest group index for the given MIDI information. This is very fast.

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