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RestorableObject Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for RestorableObject:
MidiControllerAutomationHandler ModulatorSamplerSound Processor SampleMap ScriptingApi::Content EffectProcessor MidiProcessor Modulator ModulatorSynth MasterEffectProcessor MonophonicEffectProcessor VoiceEffectProcessor MidiDelay MidiProcessorChain SampleRaster ScriptBaseMidiProcessor Transposer EnvelopeModulator TimeVariantModulator VoiceStartModulator ModulatorSampler ModulatorSynthChain ModulatorSynthGroup

Public Member Functions

virtual ValueTree exportAsValueTree () const =0
virtual void restoreFromValueTree (const ValueTree &previouslyExportedState)=0

Detailed Description

A base class for all objects that can be saved as value tree.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ValueTree exportAsValueTree ( ) const
pure virtual

Overwrite this method and return a representation of the object as ValueTree.

It's best practice to only store variables that are not internal (eg. states ...)

Implemented in SampleMap, Processor, and ModulatorSamplerSound.

virtual void restoreFromValueTree ( const ValueTree &  previouslyExportedState)
pure virtual

Overwrite this method and restore the properties of this object using the referenced ValueTree.

Implemented in SampleMap, Processor, ModulatorSynthChain, and ModulatorSamplerSound.

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