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Plotter Class Reference

Inherits Component, SettableTooltipClient, AsyncUpdater, and Listener.

Public Member Functions

void handleAsyncUpdate () override
void addValue (const Modulator *m, float addedValue)
void setFreeMode (bool shouldUseFreeMode)
void addValue (float addedValue)
void setSpeed (int newSpeed)

Detailed Description

A plotter component that displays the Modulator value

You can add values with addValue(). This should be periodic (either within the audio callback or with a designated timer in your Editor, as the plotter only writes something if new data is added.

Member Function Documentation

void addValue ( const Modulator m,
float  addedValue 

Adds a value to the queue to be displayed at the next timerCallback().

void addValue ( float  addedValue)

Adds a value to the queue without having a modulator attached.

void handleAsyncUpdate ( )

Clears the queue and triggers a repaint of the component.

void setFreeMode ( bool  shouldUseFreeMode)

If set to true, you don't need any modulators, but call addValue(float newValue) directly.

void setSpeed ( int  newSpeed)

Changes the speed of the modulator.

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