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MultiChannelFilter< FilterSubType > Class Template Reference

A base class for filters with multiple channels. More...

Inherits FilterSubType.

Public Member Functions

void setNumChannels (int newNumChannels)
 Sets the amount of channels. More...
void setSampleRate (double newSampleRate)
 Sets the samplerate. More...
void setType (int newType)
 Set the filter type. More...

Detailed Description

template<class FilterSubType>
class hise::MultiChannelFilter< FilterSubType >

A base class for filters with multiple channels.

It exposes an interface for different filter types which have common methods for setting their parameters, initialisation etc.

Member Function Documentation

void setNumChannels ( int  newNumChannels)

Sets the amount of channels.

void setSampleRate ( double  newSampleRate)

Sets the samplerate.

This will be automatically called whenever the sample rate changes.

void setType ( int  newType)

Set the filter type.

The type is just a plain integer so it's up to your filter implementation to decide what is happening with the value.

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