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Inheritance diagram for ModulatorChain::ModulatorChainHandler:
Chain::Handler SafeChangeBroadcaster

Public Member Functions

 ModulatorChainHandler (ModulatorChain *handledChain)
void addModulator (Modulator *newModulator, Processor *siblingToInsertBefore)
void deleteModulator (Modulator *modulatorToBeDeleted)
ModulatorgetModulator (int modIndex) const
int getNumModulators () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Chain::Handler
virtual void moveProcessor (Processor *, int)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SafeChangeBroadcaster
void sendSynchronousChangeMessage ()
void addChangeListener (SafeChangeListener *listener)
void removeChangeListener (SafeChangeListener *listener)
void removeAllChangeListeners ()
void sendChangeMessage (const String &=String())
void sendAllocationFreeChangeMessage ()

Detailed Description

This class handles the Modulators within the specified ModulatorChain.

You can get the handler for each Modulator with ModulatorChain::getHandler().

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ModulatorChainHandler ( ModulatorChain handledChain)

Creates a Chain::Handler.

Member Function Documentation

void addModulator ( Modulator newModulator,
Processor siblingToInsertBefore 

adds a Modulator to the chain.

You simply pass the reference to the newly created Modulator, and the function detects the correct type and adds it to the specific chain (constant, variant or envelope).

If you call this method after the ModulatorChain is initialized, the Modulator's prepareToPlay will be called.

void deleteModulator ( Modulator modulatorToBeDeleted)

Deletes the Modulator.

Modulator* getModulator ( int  modIndex) const

Returns the modulator at the specified index.

int getNumModulators ( ) const

Returns the number of modulators in the chain.

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