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MainController::SampleManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

SampleThreadPool * getGlobalSampleThreadPool ()
ModulatorSamplerSoundPoolgetModulatorSamplerSoundPool () const
void copySamplesToClipboard (const Array< WeakReference< ModulatorSamplerSound >> &soundsToCopy)
int getStreamingBufferSize () const
const ValueTree getLoadedSampleMap (const String &fileName) const
const AudioSampleBufferPoolgetAudioSampleBufferPool () const
AudioSampleBufferPoolgetAudioSampleBufferPool ()

Detailed Description

Contains all methods related to sample management.

Member Function Documentation

void copySamplesToClipboard ( const Array< WeakReference< ModulatorSamplerSound >> &  soundsToCopy)

Copies the samples to an internal clipboard for copy & paste functionality.

const AudioSampleBufferPool* getAudioSampleBufferPool ( ) const

Returns the impulse response pool.

AudioSampleBufferPool* getAudioSampleBufferPool ( )

Returns the impulse response pool.

SampleThreadPool* getGlobalSampleThreadPool ( )

returns a pointer to the thread pool that streams the samples from disk.

const ValueTree getLoadedSampleMap ( const String &  fileName) const

Returns the ValueTree that represents the samplemap with the specified file name.

This is used when a sample map is loaded - it checks if the name already exists in the loaded monolithic data and loads the sounds from there if there is a match.

ModulatorSamplerSoundPool* getModulatorSamplerSoundPool ( ) const

returns a pointer to the global sample pool

int getStreamingBufferSize ( ) const

returns the fixed streaming buffer size.

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