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LookupTableProcessor Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for LookupTableProcessor:
ControlModulator KeyModulator LfoModulator MacroModulator ModulatorSampler PitchwheelModulator RandomModulator TableEnvelope VelocityModulator

Public Member Functions

virtual TablegetTable (int tableIndex) const =0
virtual int getNumTables () const
void addTableChangeListener (SafeChangeListener *listener)
void removeTableChangeListener (SafeChangeListener *listener)
void sendTableIndexChangeMessage (bool sendSynchronous, Table *table, float tableIndex)

Detailed Description

A Processor that uses a Table.

If your Processor uses a Table object for anything, you can subclass it from this interface class and use its Table.

Member Function Documentation

void addTableChangeListener ( SafeChangeListener listener)

Adds a listener to this processor.

virtual int getNumTables ( ) const

Overwrite this and return the number of tables that this processor uses.

It assumes one table so if you do have one table, you don't need to do anything...

virtual Table* getTable ( int  tableIndex) const
pure virtual

Overwrite this method and return the table for the supplied index.

If you only have one table, ignore this parameter.

Implemented in LfoModulator, KeyModulator, PitchwheelModulator, MacroModulator, and RandomModulator.

void removeTableChangeListener ( SafeChangeListener listener)

Removes a listener from this processor.

void sendTableIndexChangeMessage ( bool  sendSynchronous,
Table table,
float  tableIndex 

Call this method whenever the table index is changed and all connected tables will receive a change message.

You can dynamic_cast the broadcaster to a LookupTableProcessor::TableChangeBroadcaster and use this code:

if(dynamic_cast<LookupTableProcessor::TableChangeBroadcaster*>(b) != nullptr)

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