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Inheritance diagram for JavascriptMidiProcessor:
ScriptBaseMidiProcessor JavascriptProcessor ExternalFileProcessor MidiProcessor ProcessorWithScriptingContent Processor SafeChangeBroadcaster RestorableObject ControlledObject

Public Member Functions

void deferCallbacks (bool addToFront_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MidiProcessor
 MidiProcessor (MainController *m, const String &id)
virtual ProcessorgetChildProcessor (int) override
virtual int getNumChildProcessors () const override
void ignoreEvent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Processor
 Processor (MainController *m, const String &id_)
virtual ~Processor ()
virtual const Identifier getType () const =0
const Path getSymbol () const
void setSymbol (Path newSymbol)
void setAttribute (int parameterIndex, float newValue, juce::NotificationType notifyEditor)
virtual int getNumInternalChains () const
void enableConsoleOutput (bool shouldBeEnabled)
const String & getId () const
virtual const String getName () const
virtual void setBypassed (bool shouldBeBypassed, NotificationType notifyChangeHandler=dontSendNotification) noexcept
bool isBypassed () const noexcept
virtual void prepareToPlay (double sampleRate_, int samplesPerBlock_)
double getSampleRate () const
int getBlockSize () const
float getOutputValue () const
float getInputValue () const
void setEditorState (int state, bool isOn, NotificationType notifyView=sendNotification)
bool getEditorState (int state) const
void restoreCompleteEditorState (const XmlElement *storedState)
const Identifier getIdentifierForParameterIndex (int parameterIndex) const
int getNumParameters () const
void setIsOnAir (bool isBeingProcessedInAudioThread)
const CriticalSection & getDummyLockWhenNotOnAir () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SafeChangeBroadcaster
void sendSynchronousChangeMessage ()
void addChangeListener (SafeChangeListener *listener)
void removeChangeListener (SafeChangeListener *listener)
void removeAllChangeListeners ()
void sendChangeMessage (const String &=String())
void sendAllocationFreeChangeMessage ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ControlledObject
 ControlledObject (MainController *m)
const MainControllergetMainController () const noexcept
MainControllergetMainController () noexcept
- Public Member Functions inherited from ProcessorWithScriptingContent
ScriptingApi::Content::ScriptComponent * checkContentChangedInPropertyPanel ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ExternalFileProcessor
File getFile (const String &fileNameOrReference, PresetPlayerHandler::FolderType type=PresetPlayerHandler::GlobalSampleDirectory)
String getGlobalReferenceForFile (const String &file, PresetPlayerHandler::FolderType type=PresetPlayerHandler::GlobalSampleDirectory)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Processor
enum  SpecialParameters
enum  InternalChains
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Processor
void setOutputValue (float newValue)
void setInputValue (float newValue, NotificationType notify=sendNotification)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from JavascriptProcessor
virtual void postCompileCallback ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from MidiProcessor
int samplePos

Detailed Description

This scripting processor uses the JavaScript Engine to execute small scripts that can change the midi message.

A script should have this function:

function onNoteOn()
    // do your stuff here

You can use the methods from ScriptingApi to change the midi message.

Member Function Documentation

void deferCallbacks ( bool  addToFront_)

This defers the callbacks to the message thread.

It stops all timers and clears any message queues.

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