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GlobalScriptCompileBroadcaster Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GlobalScriptCompileBroadcaster:
MainController FrontendProcessor

Public Member Functions

void sendScriptCompileMessage (JavascriptProcessor *processorThatWasCompiled)
void addScriptListener (GlobalScriptCompileListener *listener, bool insertAtBeginning=false)

Detailed Description

This class sends a message to all registered listeners.

Member Function Documentation

void addScriptListener ( GlobalScriptCompileListener listener,
bool  insertAtBeginning = false 

Adds a ScriptListener. You can influence the order of the callback by inserting Listeners at the beginning of the list.

void sendScriptCompileMessage ( JavascriptProcessor processorThatWasCompiled)

This sends a synchronous message to all registered listeners.

Listeners which are manually inserted at the beginning (eg. ScriptingContentComponents) are notified first.

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