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DelayedRenderer Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool shouldDelayRendering () const
void processWrapped (AudioSampleBuffer &inputBuffer, MidiBuffer &midiBuffer)
void prepareToPlayWrapped (double sampleRate, int samplesPerBlock)

Detailed Description

This introduces an artificial delay of max 256 samples and calls the internal processing loop with a fixed number of samples.

This is supposed to offer a rather ugly fallback solution for hosts who change their processing size constantly (eg. FL Studio).

Member Function Documentation

void prepareToPlayWrapped ( double  sampleRate,
int  samplesPerBlock 

Calls prepareToPlay with either 256 samples or a smaller buffer size (if the block size is smaller). It correctly reports the latency to the host.

void processWrapped ( AudioSampleBuffer &  inputBuffer,
MidiBuffer &  midiBuffer 

Wraps the processing and delays the processing if necessary.

bool shouldDelayRendering ( ) const

Checks whether this should be used. It currently is only activated on FL Studio.

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