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Chain Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for Chain:
EffectProcessorChain MidiProcessorChain ModulatorChain ModulatorSynthChain ModulatorSynthGroup


class  Handler

Public Member Functions

bool restoreChain (const ValueTree &v)
virtual ProcessorgetParentProcessor ()=0
virtual const ProcessorgetParentProcessor () const =0
virtual HandlergetHandler ()=0
virtual const HandlergetHandler () const =0
virtual void setFactoryType (FactoryType *newType)=0
virtual FactoryTypegetFactoryType () const =0

Detailed Description

A Processor that has a dynamic size of child processors.

If your Processor has more than a fixed amount of internal child processors, derive it from this class, write a Chain::Handler subclass with all needed operations and you can add / delete Processors on runtime.

You might want to overwrite the Processors functions getNumChildProcessors() and getChildProcessor() with the handlers methods (handle internal chains manually) This allows the restoreState function to only clear the dynamic list of processors.

Member Function Documentation

virtual FactoryType* getFactoryType ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the Factory type this processor is using.

virtual Handler* getHandler ( )
pure virtual

return your subclassed Handler.

Implemented in ModulatorChain.

virtual const Handler* getHandler ( ) const
pure virtual

read only access to the Handler.

virtual Processor* getParentProcessor ( )
pure virtual

Overwrite this and return the processor that owns this chain if it exists.

virtual const Processor* getParentProcessor ( ) const
pure virtual

Overwrite this and return the processor that owns this chain if it exists.

bool restoreChain ( const ValueTree &  v)

Restores a Chain from a ValueTree. It creates all processors and restores their values. It returns false, if anything went wrong.

virtual void setFactoryType ( FactoryType newType)
pure virtual

Sets the FactoryType that will be used.

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