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Noise Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Noise:

Public Member Functions

void setNoiseType (NoiseType type)
void processInplace (float *data, int numSamples) override
void processBlock (const float *in, float *out, int numSamples) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Effect
virtual void prepareToPlay (double, int)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Effect
void enableInplaceProcessing (bool shouldBeEnabled, int numMaxSamplesToExpect)

Detailed Description

Noise generator

uniformly distributed white noise, range: -1..1, RMS amplitude: 0.577 pink noise, accuracy: +/- 0.3db (0.00045..0.45fs), RMS amplitude: 0.577

Member Function Documentation

void processBlock ( const float *  in,
float *  out,
int  numSamples 

Same as inplace processing (ignores the input).

Reimplemented from Effect.

void processInplace ( float *  data,
int  numSamples 

Fills the given float array with noise.

Reimplemented from Effect.

void setNoiseType ( NoiseType  type)

Sets the noise type (white or pink noise).

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