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#define RETURN_STATIC_IDENTIFIER(x)   const static Identifier id(x); return id;
#define FILL_PARAMETER_ID(enumClass, enumId, size, text)   case (int)enumClass::enumId: size = HelperFunctions::writeString(text, #enumId); break;
#define MATCHES_VERSION_NUMBER(versionAsString)   (strcmp(ProjectInfo::versionString, versionAsString) == 0)


size_t writeString (char *location, const char *content)
String createStringFromChar (const char *charFromOtherHeap, size_t length)
template<class T >
void registerDspModule ()
DLL_EXPORT const void * getModuleList ()
DLL_EXPORT DspBaseObjectcreateDspObject (const char *name)
DLL_EXPORT void destroyDspObject (DspBaseObject *handle)
DLL_EXPORT LoadingErrorCode initialise (const char *args)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define RETURN_STATIC_IDENTIFIER (   x)    const static Identifier id(x); return id;

returns a static Identifier called id.

#define FILL_PARAMETER_ID (   enumClass,
)    case (int)enumClass::enumId: size = HelperFunctions::writeString(text, #enumId); break;

Adds a case statement for the enum and returns the name of the enum.

#define MATCHES_VERSION_NUMBER (   versionAsString)    (strcmp(ProjectInfo::versionString, versionAsString) == 0)

checks if the given version number (format "1.0.0") matches the version number specified in the Introjucer project.

Function Documentation

DLL_EXPORT LoadingErrorCode initialise ( const char *  args)

Overwrite this method and register all modules that you want to create with this library

This method will be called only if the library is not already loaded.

You can return an LoadingErrorCode if something is supposed to be wrong:

1 LoadingErrorCode initialise(const char* args)
2 {
3  // Check if the given text matches the version of the library
4  if(HelperFunctions::matchesVersionNumber(args)
5  {
6  return LoadingErrorCode::NoVersionMatch;
7  }
9  HelperFunctions::registerDspModule<YourModuleClass>(); // YourModuleClass must be subclassed from DspBaseObject
10  HelperFunctions::registerDspModule<AnotherModuleClass>();
12  return LoadingErrorCode::LoadingSuccessful;
13 }

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