HelperFunctions Namespace Reference


size_t writeString (char *location, const char *content)
String createStringFromChar (const char *charFromOtherHeap, size_t length)
template<class T >
void registerDspModule ()

Detailed Description

Contains some helper functions that abstract gory details.

Function Documentation

size_t HelperFunctions::writeString ( char *  location,
const char *  content 

Writes the String literal 'content' into 'location' and returns the string length.

int stringLength = HelperFunctions::writeString(loc, "Gain"); // stringLength will be 4...
String HelperFunctions::createStringFromChar ( const char *  charFromOtherHeap,
size_t  length 

Creates a String from a different heap. This is rather slow because it makes a byte-wise copy of the other string, but better safe than sorry!

void HelperFunctions::registerDspModule ( )

Registeres the module passed in as template parameter.

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