InternalLibraryFunctions Namespace Reference


DLL_EXPORT const void * getModuleList ()
DLL_EXPORT DspBaseObjectcreateDspObject (const char *name)
DLL_EXPORT void destroyDspObject (DspBaseObject *handle)

Detailed Description

Contains functions that are called internally to load / unload the library.

Function Documentation

DLL_EXPORT const void * getModuleList ( )

Returns a handle to a list of all modules that can be created with this library.

The void* pointer must be casted to an Array<Identifier>* pointer.

DLL_EXPORT DspBaseObject * createDspObject ( const char *  name)

Creates a module with the given name if it was registered with the base factory.

DLL_EXPORT void destroyDspObject ( DspBaseObject handle)

Destroys the given module that was created using createDspObject().

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