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ScriptingObjects::ScriptingModulator Class Reference

Inherits ConstScriptingObject, AssignableObject, and DebugableObject.

Public Member Functions

var addGlobalModulator (var chainIndex, var globalMod, String modName)
var addModulator (var chainIndex, var typeName, var modName)
var asTableProcessor ()
bool exists ()
String exportScriptControls ()
String exportState ()
float getAttribute (int index)
float getCurrentLevel ()
int getNumAttributes () const
void restoreScriptControls (String base64Controls)
void restoreState (String base64State)
void setAttribute (int index, float value)
void setBypassed (bool shouldBeBypassed)
void setIntensity (float newIntensity)

Detailed Description

A scripting objects that wraps an existing Modulator.

Member Function Documentation

var addGlobalModulator ( var  chainIndex,
var  globalMod,
String  modName 

Adds a and connects a receiver modulator for the given global modulator.

var addModulator ( var  chainIndex,
var  typeName,
var  modName 

Adds a modulator to the given chain and returns a reference.

var asTableProcessor ( )

Returns a reference as table processor to modify the table or undefined if no table modulator.

bool exists ( )

Checks if the Object exists and prints a error message on the console if not.

String exportScriptControls ( )

Export the control values (without the script).

String exportState ( )

Exports the state as base64 string.

float getAttribute ( int  index)

Returns the attribute with the given index.

float getCurrentLevel ( )

Returns the current peak value of the modulator.

int getNumAttributes ( ) const

Returns the number of attributes.

void restoreScriptControls ( String  base64Controls)

Restores the control values for scripts (without recompiling).

void restoreState ( String  base64State)

Restores the state from a base64 string.

void setAttribute ( int  index,
float  value 

Sets the attribute of the Modulator. You can look up the specific parameter indexes in the manual.

void setBypassed ( bool  shouldBeBypassed)

Bypasses the Modulator.

void setIntensity ( float  newIntensity)

Changes the Intensity of the Modulator. Ranges: Gain Mode 0 ... 1, PitchMode -12 ... 12.

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