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ScriptingApi::Sampler Class Reference

Inherits ConstScriptingObject.

Public Member Functions

void enableRoundRobin (bool shouldUseRoundRobin)
var getAttribute (int index) const
String getCurrentSampleMapId () const
String getMicPositionName (int channelIndex)
int getNumMicPositions () const
int getNumSelectedSounds ()
int getRRGroupsForMessage (int noteNumber, int velocity)
var getSampleMapList () const
var getSoundProperty (int propertyIndex, int soundIndex)
bool isMicPositionPurged (int micIndex)
void loadSampleMap (const String &fileName)
void purgeMicPosition (String micName, bool shouldBePurged)
void refreshInterface ()
void refreshRRMap ()
void selectSounds (String regex)
void setActiveGroup (int activeGroupIndex)
void setAttribute (int index, var newValue)
void setSoundProperty (int soundIndex, int propertyIndex, var newValue)
void setSoundPropertyForSelection (int propertyIndex, var newValue)

Detailed Description

All scripting functions for sampler specific functionality.

Member Function Documentation

void enableRoundRobin ( bool  shouldUseRoundRobin)

Enables / Disables the automatic round robin group start logic (works only on samplers).

var getAttribute ( int  index) const

Gets the attribute with the given index (use the constants for clearer code).

String getCurrentSampleMapId ( ) const

Returns the currently loaded sample map.

String getMicPositionName ( int  channelIndex)

Returns the name of the channel with the given index (Multimic samples only.

int getNumMicPositions ( ) const

Returns the number of mic positions.

int getNumSelectedSounds ( )

Returns the amount of selected samples.

int getRRGroupsForMessage ( int  noteNumber,
int  velocity 

Returns the amount of actual RR groups for the notenumber and velocity

var getSampleMapList ( ) const

Returns an array with all available sample maps.

var getSoundProperty ( int  propertyIndex,
int  soundIndex 

Returns the property of the sound with the specified index.

bool isMicPositionPurged ( int  micIndex)

Checks if the mic position is purged.

void loadSampleMap ( const String &  fileName)

Loads a new samplemap into this sampler.

void purgeMicPosition ( String  micName,
bool  shouldBePurged 

Purges all samples of the given mic (Multimic samples only).

void refreshInterface ( )

Refreshes the interface. Call this after you changed the properties.

void refreshRRMap ( )

Recalculates the RR Map. Call this at compile time if you want to use 'getRRGroupForMessage()'.

void selectSounds ( String  regex)

Selects samples using the regex string as wildcard and the selectMode ("SELECT", "ADD", "SUBTRACT")

void setActiveGroup ( int  activeGroupIndex)

Enables the group with the given index (one-based). Works only with samplers and `enableRoundRobin(false)`.

void setAttribute ( int  index,
var  newValue 

Sets a attribute to the given value.

void setSoundProperty ( int  soundIndex,
int  propertyIndex,
var  newValue 

Sets the property for the index within the selection.

void setSoundPropertyForSelection ( int  propertyIndex,
var  newValue 

Sets the property of the sampler sound for the selection.

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