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ScriptingApi::Message Class Reference

Inherits ScriptingObject, and ApiClass.

Public Member Functions

void delayEvent (int samplesToDelay)
int getChannel () const
int getCoarseDetune () const
var getControllerNumber () const
var getControllerValue () const
int getEventId () const
int getFineDetune () const
int getGain () const
int getNoteNumber () const
int getTimestamp () const
int getTransposeAmount () const
int getVelocity () const
void ignoreEvent (bool shouldBeIgnored=true)
bool isArtificial () const
int makeArtificial ()
void setChannel (int newChannel)
void setCoarseDetune (int semiToneDetune)
void setControllerNumber (int newControllerNumber)
void setControllerValue (int newControllerValue)
void setFineDetune (int cents)
void setGain (int gainInDecibels)
void setNoteNumber (int newNoteNumber)
void setTransposeAmount (int tranposeValue)
void setVelocity (int newVelocity)
void store (var messageEventHolder) const

Detailed Description

All scripting methods related to the midi message that triggered the callback.

Every method must be called on the message like this:


Member Function Documentation

void delayEvent ( int  samplesToDelay)

Delays the event by the sampleAmount.

int getChannel ( ) const

Returns the MIDI Channel from 1 to 16.

int getCoarseDetune ( ) const

Returns the coarse detune amount in semitones.

var getControllerNumber ( ) const

returns the controller number or 'undefined', if the message is neither controller nor pitch wheel nor aftertouch.

You can also check for pitch wheel values and aftertouch messages. Pitchwheel has number 128, Aftertouch has number 129.

var getControllerValue ( ) const

Returns the value of the controller.

int getEventId ( ) const

Returns the event id of the current message.

int getFineDetune ( ) const

Returns the fine detune amount int cents.

int getGain ( ) const

Returns the volume of the note.

int getNoteNumber ( ) const

Return the note number. This can be called only on midi event callbacks.

int getTimestamp ( ) const

Returns the timestamp of the message.

int getTransposeAmount ( ) const

Gets the tranpose value.

int getVelocity ( ) const

Returns the Velocity.

void ignoreEvent ( bool  shouldBeIgnored = true)

Ignores the event.

bool isArtificial ( ) const

Checks if the event was created by a script earlier.

int makeArtificial ( )

Creates a artificial copy of this event and returns the new event ID.

void setChannel ( int  newChannel)

Changes the MIDI channel from 1 to 16.

void setCoarseDetune ( int  semiToneDetune)

Sets the coarse detune amount in semitones.

void setControllerNumber ( int  newControllerNumber)

Changes the ControllerNumber.

void setControllerValue ( int  newControllerValue)

Changes the controller value (range 0 - 127).

void setFineDetune ( int  cents)

Sets the fine detune amount in cents.

void setGain ( int  gainInDecibels)

Sets the volume of the note (-100 = silence).

void setNoteNumber ( int  newNoteNumber)

Changes the note number.

void setTransposeAmount ( int  tranposeValue)

Transposes the note on.

void setVelocity ( int  newVelocity)

Changes the velocity (range 1 - 127).

void store ( var  messageEventHolder) const

Stores a copy of the current event into the given holder object.

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