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MidiKeyboardPanel Class Reference

Inherits FloatingTileContent, Component, and ComponentWithKeyboard.

Detailed Description

Type-ID: Keyboard

A virtual MIDI Keyboard that can be customized and filmstripped.

Keyboard Screenshot

Example JSON

``` const var data = { "Type": "Keyboard", "KeyWidth": 14, "DisplayOctaveNumber": false, "LowKey": 9, "HiKey": 127, "CustomGraphics": false, "DefaultAppearance": true, "BlackKeyRatio": 0.7, "ToggleMode": false }; ```

Using custom filmstrips

If you want to use your own filmstrips for the keyboard, you have to add your images with a fixed file name scheme to the Images subfolder of your project and set CustomGraphics to true. The files must be put in a subfolder called keyboard and have these names:

``` {PROJECT_FOLDER}keyboard/up_0.png | the up state for every C key {PROJECT_FOLDER}keyboard/down_0.png | the down state for every C key {PROJECT_FOLDER}keyboard/up_1.png | the up state for every C# key {PROJECT_FOLDER}keyboard/down_1.png | the down state for every C# key {PROJECT_FOLDER}[...] {PROJECT_FOLDER}keyboard/up_11.png | the up state for every B key {PROJECT_FOLDER}keyboard/down_11.png | the down state for every B key ```

Member Enumeration Documentation


set to true if you want to use custom graphics for your keyboard.


the width per key in logical pixels.


the lowest visible key.


the highest visible key.


the height of the black keys in proportion to the total height.


set this to true to use the standard appearance in HISE.


set this to true to add octave numbers at each C note.


if activated, then the notes will be held until clicked again

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