Fast streaming engine optimized for SSD drives.

Native multimic handling with purging of channels.

Sample start modulation, dynamic crossfade modulation.

Hotswap samples for different instruments


Customized and real time safe Javascript Engine.

Advanced IDE features (Breakpoints, Autocomplete, Live watch, REPL).

Create custom interface elements with the powerful Graphics API.

Build interfaces with a drag 'n drop editor.


Flexible modulation architecture with nested modulation.

LFOs, Envelopes & MIDI modulators.

Global Modulator System for multiple modulation targets.

Create custom modulators with scripting.

Audio FX

Filters, reverbs, effects & fast convolution engine.

Internal multichannel system with send FX.

Extendable via C++ API.

Dynamically add / remove effects via scripting.


Choose between two options to distribute your instrument:

HISE Player

Use the free HISE Player to load your instruments.

Standalone Plugin / App

Create your own plugin / app directly from the source code.

Supported Platforms

HISE can export plugins / apps onto almost every platform available and is tested with every major DAW.

Windows 7 - 10

OS X 10.7 - macOS 10.12

iOS 8 - iOS 10

Linux Ubuntu 16.04


HISE is published under the GPLv3 open source license. If you want to release a close sourced product, you can aquire a commercial license.

More information coming soon...

Mailing list

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