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ThumbnailHandler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ThumbnailHandler:

Static Public Member Functions

static void loadThumbnails (ModulatorSampler *sampler, const File &directory)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ThreadWithQuasiModalProgressWindow
 ThreadWithQuasiModalProgressWindow (const String &windowTitle, bool hasProgressBar, bool hasCancelButton, Holder *holder, int timeOutMsWhenCancelling=10000, const String &cancelButtonText=String(), Component *componentToCentreAround=nullptr)
 ~ThreadWithQuasiModalProgressWindow ()
bool runThread (int priority=5)
void setProgress (double newProgress)
void setStatusMessage (const String &newStatusMessage)
AlertWindow * getAlertWindow () const noexcept
virtual void threadComplete (bool userPressedCancel)

Detailed Description

Handles all thumbnail related stuff

Simply call loadThumbNails whenever you change the directory and it takes care of everything.

Member Function Documentation

static void loadThumbnails ( ModulatorSampler sampler,
const File &  directory 

This loads the thumbnails into the sampler.

It looks for a previously saved file and creates a new file if nothing is found.

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