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SoundPreloadThread Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SoundPreloadThread:

Public Member Functions

 SoundPreloadThread (ModulatorSampler *s)
 SoundPreloadThread (ModulatorSampler *s, Array< ModulatorSamplerSound * > soundsToPreload_)
void run () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ThreadWithQuasiModalProgressWindow
 ThreadWithQuasiModalProgressWindow (const String &windowTitle, bool hasProgressBar, bool hasCancelButton, Holder *holder, int timeOutMsWhenCancelling=10000, const String &cancelButtonText=String(), Component *componentToCentreAround=nullptr)
 ~ThreadWithQuasiModalProgressWindow ()
bool runThread (int priority=5)
void setProgress (double newProgress)
void setStatusMessage (const String &newStatusMessage)
AlertWindow * getAlertWindow () const noexcept
virtual void threadComplete (bool userPressedCancel)

Detailed Description

A background thread which loads sample data into the preload buffer of a StreamingSamplerSound

Whenever you need to change the preloadSize, create an instance of this

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Creates a preload thread which preloads all sounds from the supplied sampler.

SoundPreloadThread ( ModulatorSampler s,
Array< ModulatorSamplerSound * >  soundsToPreload_ 

Creates a preload thread which preloads all sounds from the pointer array.

This can be used to only preload a selection (which is the case when changing sample starts).

Member Function Documentation

void run ( )

preloads either all sounds from the sampler or the list of sounds that was passed in the constructor.

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