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Smoother Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Smoother ()
float smooth (float newValue)
float getSmoothingTime () const
void setSmoothingTime (float newSmoothTime)
void prepareToPlay (double sampleRate_)
void setDefaultValue (float value)

Detailed Description

A lowpass filter that can be used to smooth parameter changes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Smoother ( )

Creates a new smoother. If you use this manually, you have to call prepareToPlay() and setSmoothingTime() before using it.

Member Function Documentation

float getSmoothingTime ( ) const

Returns the smoothing time in seconds.

void prepareToPlay ( double  sampleRate_)

Sets the internal sample rate. Call this method before setting the smooth time.

void setDefaultValue ( float  value)

Sets the internal value to the given number. Use this to prevent clicks for the first smoothing operation (default is 0.0)

void setSmoothingTime ( float  newSmoothTime)

Sets the smoothing time in seconds.

If you pass 0.0 as parameter, the smoother gets deactivated and saves precious CPU cycles.

float smooth ( float  newValue)

smooth the next sample.

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