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ScriptContentContainer Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ScriptContentContainer:

Public Member Functions

void refreshContentBounds ()
void setCurrentContent (int index, NotificationType notifyEditorState)
void buttonClicked (Button *b) override
void checkInterfaces ()
void restoreSavedView ()

Detailed Description

A ScriptContentContainer displays all interface scripts (with Synth.addToFront(true)) with a tab bar.

Member Function Documentation

void buttonClicked ( Button *  b)

sets the content to be displayed.

void checkInterfaces ( )

Scans all ScriptProcessors and adds their content if it doesn't already exist, and removes dangling ScriptProcessors.

void refreshContentBounds ( )

Refreshes the bounds of the interface contents and adds a tab bar if multiple interfaces are used.

void restoreSavedView ( )

Restores the index from the editorstate.

void setCurrentContent ( int  index,
NotificationType  notifyEditorState 

This sets the currently displayed content.

It handles the button toggle modes and sets the visibility of the desired content. The size / bounds are not changed. You can tell the method to save the current content in an EditorState by passing sendNotification as second parameter.

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