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ModulatorChainFactoryType Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ModulatorChainFactoryType:

Public Member Functions

FactoryTypegetSubFactory (Factories f)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FactoryType
 FactoryType (Processor *owner_)
Identifier getTypeNameFromPopupMenuResult (int resultFromPopupMenu)
String getNameFromPopupMenuResult (int resultFromPopupMenu)
virtual int getProcessorTypeIndex (const Identifier &typeName) const
virtual int getNumProcessors ()
virtual bool allowType (const Identifier &typeName) const
virtual Array< ProcessorEntrygetAllowedTypes ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FactoryType
static String getUniqueName (Processor *id, String name=String())

Detailed Description

Allows creation of TimeVariantModulators.

This holds three different FactoryTypes and enables nice popup menus. You should not bother with this class. If you write new Modulators, put it in the FactoryType of the Modulator subclass and it will be handled automatically.

Member Function Documentation

FactoryType* getSubFactory ( Factories  f)

Returns the desired FactoryType. Use this for popup menus.

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