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ProcessorEditorChildComponent Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ProcessorEditorChildComponent:
ProcessorEditorBody ProcessorEditorHeader ArrayModulatorEditor AudioFileEnvelopeEditor AudioLooperEditor CCDuckerEditor CCEnvelopeEditor ChorusEditor CurveEqEditor EmptyProcessorEditorBody GainCollectorEditor GainEditor GainMatcherEditor GlobalModulatorEditor HarmonicFilterEditor MacroControlModulatorEditorBody PhaserEditor PitchWheelEditorBody RouteFXEditor SaturationEditor WaveSynthBody WavetableBody

Public Member Functions

 ProcessorEditorChildComponent (ProcessorEditor *editor)
ProcessorgetProcessor ()
const ProcessorgetProcessor () const

Protected Member Functions

const ProcessorEditor * getEditor () const
ProcessorEditor * getEditor ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool toggleButton (Button *b)

Detailed Description

a base class for all components that can be put in a ProcessorEditor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ProcessorEditorChildComponent ( ProcessorEditor *  editor)

Creates a new child component.

Member Function Documentation

const ProcessorEditor* getEditor ( ) const

Returns a const pointer to the editor if the component is initialized.

ProcessorEditor* getEditor ( )

Returns a pointer to the editor.

Processor* getProcessor ( )

Returns a pointer to the processor.

const Processor* getProcessor ( ) const

Returns a const pointer to the processor.

static bool toggleButton ( Button *  b)

Small helper function, that toggles a button and returns the new toggle value.

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