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PitchDetection Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static double detectPitch (const File &fileToScan, AudioSampleBuffer &workingBuffer, double sampleRate)
static double detectPitch (const AudioSampleBuffer &buffer, int startSample, int numSamples, double sampleRate)
static int getNumSamplesNeeded (double sampleRate)

Detailed Description

A wrapper class around the dywapitchtrack library that provides JUCE-type interface methods.

Member Function Documentation

static double detectPitch ( const File &  fileToScan,
AudioSampleBuffer &  workingBuffer,
double  sampleRate 

Scans a whole file and returns the pitch.

You have to supply a working buffer that is used to read the data from the file. It must be stereo and have the desired length that can be obtained by getNumSamplesNeeded()

static double detectPitch ( const AudioSampleBuffer &  buffer,
int  startSample,
int  numSamples,
double  sampleRate 

detects the pitch in the audio buffer.

static int getNumSamplesNeeded ( double  sampleRate)

Returns the number of samples that is needed to detect 50 Hz.

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