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ObjectWithDefaultProperties Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for ObjectWithDefaultProperties:
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Public Member Functions

virtual var toDynamicObject () const =0
virtual void fromDynamicObject (const var &objectData)=0
virtual var getDefaultProperty (int id) const =0
virtual int getNumDefaultableProperties () const =0
virtual Identifier getDefaultablePropertyId (int i) const =0
void resetObject (DynamicObject *objectToClear)

Detailed Description

A base class for objects that can be stored and restored using DynamicObject.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void fromDynamicObject ( const var &  objectData)
pure virtual

Restores the state of this object from a dynamic object.

virtual Identifier getDefaultablePropertyId ( int  i) const
pure virtual

Overwrite this and return the Identifier for the given property index.

You might want to use the macro RETURN_DEFAULT_PROPERTY_ID(idToCheck, name) with a named enum for this.

virtual var getDefaultProperty ( int  id) const
pure virtual

Overwrite this and get the default property.

virtual int getNumDefaultableProperties ( ) const
pure virtual

Overwrite this and return the number of properties that are defaultable.

void resetObject ( DynamicObject *  objectToClear)

Clears the given object and sets all defaultable properties to their initial values.

virtual var toDynamicObject ( ) const
pure virtual

Writes the state of this object into a dynamic object.

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