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MultiMicModulatorSamplerVoice Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MultiMicModulatorSamplerVoice:
ModulatorSamplerVoice ModulatorSynthVoice

Public Member Functions

void resetVoice () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ModulatorSamplerVoice
ModulatorSamplerSoundgetCurrentlyPlayingSamplerSound () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ModulatorSynthVoice
virtual void renderNextBlock (AudioSampleBuffer &outputBuffer, int startSample, int numSamples) override
void killVoice ()
virtual void checkRelease ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ModulatorSynthVoice
const ModulatorSynthgetOwnerSynth () const noexcept
- Protected Attributes inherited from ModulatorSynthVoice
double uptimeDelta = 0.0
double voiceUptime

Detailed Description

A ModulatorSamplerVoice is a wrapper around a StreamingSamplerVoice with logic for modulation stuff

Member Function Documentation

void resetVoice ( )

Resets the display value for the current note.

Reimplemented from ModulatorSamplerVoice.

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