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ModulatorSynthGroup::ChildSynthIterator Class Reference

Public Types

enum  Mode

Public Member Functions

 ChildSynthIterator (ModulatorSynthGroup *groupToBeIterated, Mode iteratorMode=SkipUnallowedSynths)
bool getNextAllowedChild (ModulatorSynth *&child)

Detailed Description

Iterates over all child synths.

Example usage:

ModulatorSynth *child;
ChildSynthIterator childIterator(this);

    // Do something here

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Mode

This can be set to iterate either all synths or only the allowed ones.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ChildSynthIterator ( ModulatorSynthGroup groupToBeIterated,
Mode  iteratorMode = SkipUnallowedSynths 

Creates a new ChildSynthIterator. It is okay to create one on the stack. You have to pass a pointer to the ModulatorSynthGroup that should be iterated.

Member Function Documentation

bool getNextAllowedChild ( ModulatorSynth *&  child)

sets the passed pointer to the next ModulatorSynth in the chain that is allowed and returns false if the end of the chain is reached or if the child is a nullpointer

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