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HiseEvent Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 HiseEvent ()
 HiseEvent (const MidiMessage &message)
bool isIgnored () const noexcept
void ignoreEvent (bool shouldBeIgnored) noexcept
void setCoarseDetune (int semiToneDetune) noexcept
int getCoarseDetune () const noexcept
void setFineDetune (int newCents) noexcept
int getFineDetune () const noexcept
double getPitchFactorForEvent () const
void setGain (int decibels) noexcept

Static Public Member Functions

static void clear (HiseEvent *eventToClear, int numEvents=1)

Detailed Description

This is a replacement of the standard midi message with more data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HiseEvent ( )

Creates an empty Hise event.

HiseEvent ( const MidiMessage &  message)

Creates a Hise event from a MIDI message.

Member Function Documentation

static void clear ( HiseEvent eventToClear,
int  numEvents = 1 

This clears the events using the fast memset operation.

int getCoarseDetune ( ) const

Returns the coarse detune amount in semitones.

int getFineDetune ( ) const

Returns the fine detune amount int cents.

double getPitchFactorForEvent ( ) const

Returns a ready to use pitchfactor (from 0.5 ... 2.0)

void ignoreEvent ( bool  shouldBeIgnored)

Ignores the event. Ignored events will not be processed, but remain in the buffer (they are not cleared).

bool isIgnored ( ) const

Checks if the message was marked as ignored (by a script).

void setCoarseDetune ( int  semiToneDetune)

Sets the coarse detune amount in semitones.

void setFineDetune ( int  newCents)

Sets the fine detune amount in cents.

void setGain ( int  decibels)

Sets the gain in decibels for this note.

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