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HardcodedScriptProcessor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for HardcodedScriptProcessor:
ScriptBaseMidiProcessor MidiProcessor ProcessorWithScriptingContent Processor SafeChangeBroadcaster RestorableObject ControlledObject Arpeggiator CCSwapper DemoHardcodedScriptProcessor LegatoProcessor ReleaseTriggerScriptProcessor

Public Member Functions

virtual void onInit ()
virtual void onNoteOn ()
virtual void onNoteOff ()
virtual void onController ()
virtual void onTimer (int)
virtual void onControl (ScriptingApi::Content::ScriptComponent *, var)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MidiProcessor
 MidiProcessor (MainController *m, const String &id)
virtual ProcessorgetChildProcessor (int) override
virtual int getNumChildProcessors () const override
void ignoreEvent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Processor
 Processor (MainController *m, const String &id_)
virtual ~Processor ()
virtual const Identifier getType () const =0
const Path getSymbol () const
void setSymbol (Path newSymbol)
void setAttribute (int parameterIndex, float newValue, juce::NotificationType notifyEditor)
virtual int getNumInternalChains () const
void enableConsoleOutput (bool shouldBeEnabled)
const String & getId () const
virtual const String getName () const
virtual void setBypassed (bool shouldBeBypassed, NotificationType notifyChangeHandler=dontSendNotification) noexcept
bool isBypassed () const noexcept
virtual void prepareToPlay (double sampleRate_, int samplesPerBlock_)
double getSampleRate () const
int getBlockSize () const
float getOutputValue () const
float getInputValue () const
void setEditorState (int state, bool isOn, NotificationType notifyView=sendNotification)
bool getEditorState (int state) const
void restoreCompleteEditorState (const XmlElement *storedState)
const Identifier getIdentifierForParameterIndex (int parameterIndex) const
int getNumParameters () const
void setIsOnAir (bool isBeingProcessedInAudioThread)
const CriticalSection & getDummyLockWhenNotOnAir () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SafeChangeBroadcaster
void sendSynchronousChangeMessage ()
void addChangeListener (SafeChangeListener *listener)
void removeChangeListener (SafeChangeListener *listener)
void removeAllChangeListeners ()
void sendChangeMessage (const String &=String())
void sendAllocationFreeChangeMessage ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ControlledObject
 ControlledObject (MainController *m)
const MainControllergetMainController () const noexcept
MainControllergetMainController () noexcept
- Public Member Functions inherited from ProcessorWithScriptingContent
ScriptingApi::Content::ScriptComponent * checkContentChangedInPropertyPanel ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Processor
enum  SpecialParameters
enum  InternalChains
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Processor
void setOutputValue (float newValue)
void setInputValue (float newValue, NotificationType notify=sendNotification)
- Protected Attributes inherited from MidiProcessor
int samplePos

Detailed Description

The base class for all MidiProcessors that are hardcoded scripts.

You can use a ScriptProcessor to develope the functionality and then copy the callbacks from the script to the virtual methods in order to have a hardcoded C++ Processor.

You obviously have to change some language specific stuff (eg. 'var' 'function' ...), but this class tries to smooth out the process of converting as much as possible.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void onControl ( ScriptingApi::Content::ScriptComponent *  ,

called whenever a script control was moved.

virtual void onController ( )

called if a cc message is processed.

virtual void onInit ( )

This callback will get called if the object is created or resetted.

virtual void onNoteOff ( )

called if a note off message is processed.

virtual void onNoteOn ( )

called if a note on message is processed.

virtual void onTimer ( int  )

called periodically if the timer was started.

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