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FrontendDataHolder Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for FrontendDataHolder:

Public Member Functions

virtual const ValueTree getValueTree (ProjectHandler::SubDirectories type) const =0
const ValueTree getSampleMap (const String &sampleMapId) const
virtual File getSampleLocation () const =0

Detailed Description

This base class handles the data logic for different targets.

Subclasses need to override the methods and return a valid ValueTree containing the data typically found in the project's folder subdirectory

Member Function Documentation

virtual File getSampleLocation ( ) const
pure virtual

Overwrite this and return the location of the samples.

const ValueTree getSampleMap ( const String &  sampleMapId) const

returns the sample map with the given ID. This is just a shortcut function.

virtual const ValueTree getValueTree ( ProjectHandler::SubDirectories  type) const
pure virtual

Override this method and supply the given data as ValueTree.

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