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FloatingTabComponent Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for FloatingTabComponent:
FloatingTileContainer FloatingTileContent ObjectWithDefaultProperties

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from FloatingTileContainer
 FloatingTileContainer (FloatingTile *parent)
const FloatingTile * getComponent (int index) const
FloatingTile * getComponent (int index)
int getNumComponents () const
void clear ()
int getIndexOfComponent (const FloatingTile *componentToLookFor) const
void addFloatingTile (FloatingTile *newComponent)
void removeFloatingTile (FloatingTile *componentToRemove)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FloatingTileContent
FloatingTile * getParentShell ()
void setCustomTitle (String newCustomTitle)
String getCustomTitle () const
void setDynamicTitle (const String &newDynamicTitle)
String getBestTitle () const
virtual void siblingAmountChanged ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjectWithDefaultProperties
void resetObject (DynamicObject *objectToClear)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FloatingTileContent
 FloatingTileContent (FloatingTile *parent_)
virtual int getFixedWidth () const
virtual int getFixedHeight () const

Detailed Description

A tab component that sits within a floating tile.

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