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FileNamePartComponent Class Reference

Inherits Component, LabelListener, and ButtonListener.

Public Types

enum  TokenProperties
enum  Datatype

Public Member Functions

void fillDataWithTokenInformation (SampleImporter::SampleCollection &collection, int index, const String &currentToken)
XmlElement * exportSettings ()
void importSettings (XmlElement &p)

Static Public Member Functions

static String getSpecialPropertyName (TokenProperties p)
static String getDataTypeName (Datatype d)

Detailed Description


@see FileNameImporterDialog

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Datatype

Specifies the type of data which this token contains.


a simple integer number that can be directly read without further processing.


use this for numbers that indicate a range and supply the upper limit into the item list.


a range in the format '1-63'


if the token is a note name (format: "D#3"), use this data type to get the right midi note number (middle octave is 3).


if the token is a custom string, use this data type and fill in all possible items into the item list (with a space separator) and all values (as integer) into the value list.


discard all information and directly set a value to the fixed number that is entered into the item list.


ignores the token. You should not have to use this directly, as it's the datatype for ignored tokens.

A selection of useful properties that can be set via the filename token.


Velocity Low & High + 1: maps the value to both ModulatorSamplerSound::VeloLow and ModulatorSamplerSound::VeloHigh (+1). Use SampleImporter::fillGaps() after this.


Use this with 'NumericRange' for velocity information like '63-127'.


Spread Velocity to complete range: spreads the velocity evenly to the complete Range. Use the data type number and enter the upper limit into the item list or use the custom data type and enter the values '1 ... numItems'.


the lower velocity limit


the upper velocity limit


Set to single Key: maps the value to RootNote, KeyLow and KeyHigh. SampleImporter::fillGaps might come in handy after this.


RRGroup: moves the sound into the specified group.


Do nothing with this token. Use this for every token that does not contain special information (it is the default value anyway).

Member Function Documentation

XmlElement* exportSettings ( )

writes all settings into an xml element which can be stored to save time.

void fillDataWithTokenInformation ( SampleImporter::SampleCollection &  collection,
int  index,
const String &  currentToken 

extracts the data from the token and writes it into the supplied SamplerSoundBasicData object.

static String getDataTypeName ( Datatype  d)

Returns the Identifier for all TokenProperties. This is used for saving.

static String getSpecialPropertyName ( TokenProperties  p)

Returns the name for all TokenProperties.

void importSettings ( XmlElement &  p)

imports the settings from the supplied XmlElement.

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